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Concan VFD

Concan is a small community 90 miles west of San Antonio in Uvalde County.  The Concan Volunteer Fire Department has a department of 35 members that are multi-tasked.  We have our share of fires but the majority of our calls are accident or rescue.  Our volunteers are trained in flood preparation and management, swift water rescue, first responder medical, and fire fighting.

 The Concan Volunteer Fire Department is one of ten non-profit, Community Fire, Rescue, and EMS emergency agencies in Uvalde County.  Although these agencies are funded and manned in their respective communities, an emergency event brings them together as if they are one unit.  In most emergencies, the Uvalde City/County Dispatcher will call the department that is indicated on their 911 Screen and as soon as they let go of the mic, one or more neighboring agencies will call that they are responding in support.

 When one department develops a training course, invitations are sent to all of the other departments to participate.  Concan VFD asked AirLIFE to bring a refresher course to our area, on the subject of setting up a proper LZ and reacting to a hard landing, should that occur.  The class was well attended by all departments.  The course was very informative and every one participated with good questions.  We were very fortunate to have the Dispatchers from the Uvalde Police Department in attendance.  These folks are as important to our department as any other member. They are dedicated professionals that are our information source, our communications center and a noteworthy safety net.  After having seen the demonstration and had the opportunity to ask questions, they now have more knowledge of the requests they are called on to perform.

AirLIFE is an integral member of each of our departments.  Concan is less than 30 minutes from San Antonio by air.  Having our trauma patents in the capable hands of the AirLIFE Flight Crew, inside the Intensive Care Unit aboard the aircraft, and en route to the medical centers in San Antonio, within that critical hour, has saved many lives. 

 Although the County Judge, Bill Mitchell, and the County Commissioners are very supportive of each of the departments in the county, there is no visible leader or entity that draws us together.  It’s the Brotherhood of men and women that are willing to act in response to a cry for help, and to dedicate the time and energy necessary to learn to react safely and effectively through schooling and practice.  It is also the knowledge that your neighboring departments are going to be there when you need them and you want to be there when they are in need. 

 Submitted by Rocky Rocchio, Concan VFD Fire Chief

Please submit information about your EMS agency to Steve Soliz for inclusion in our "EMS in the Spotlight".

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