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For Teachers and Parents


What Safety Means to AirLIFE

At the time of this writing I have completed over 1000 missions with San Antonio AirLIFE. How many of those involved kids? I do not know the count but it has been too many. With the birth of my son, Duncan, last year I became even more acutely aware of how precious our children are to us. What an absolute miracle of God that these little ones come into our lives.

Unfortunately we see the worst of the worst. From multi trauma patients that should have and could have been in a car seat or seat belt to gravely ill children that get to ride with us as the result of abuse or neglect, to just plain sick kids…we see it all.

I have held small children in my arms as they breathe their last from a reckless gunshot. I have held the hands of terrified kids asking with strangely solemn faces if they are going to die. I have watched in awe as my partners, angels in disguise, sing Barney or Sesame Street songs to little ones to ease their pain.

We at AirLIFE are parents, uncles, aunts and godparents. Some of us, like me, are new to the parenting game but there are a few who are old pros. Children affect all of us. These innocents often times have no control over what happens to them. We have seen too many times the ones who were not secured in a car, the gun that should have been put up, the life jacket that should have been worn, the bottle of pills left out, the helmet that should have been worn.

AirLIFE for Kids is for kids and their parents. We hope to get the message out to kids of all ages. Be safe. Take a few seconds and think of what you are doing.

Singer Randy Stonehill has an awesome song entitled, "Who Will Save the Children?"

The answer is you, save them before we have to see them.

Greg Winters
Licensed Paramedic
San Antonio AirLIFE

Air Methods Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems



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