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San Antonio AirLIFE “3”
Kerrville, Texas

San Antonio AirLIFE, South Texas’ only not-for-profit air ambulance service, is proud to announce the start of operations in Kerrville, Texas. This service provides another vital link to the citizens of Kerrville and entire Hill Country region to trauma centers and specialized care in San Antonio and Austin.

A few words from our CEO

Robert W. Hilliard, FACHE
President and CEO
San Antonio AirLIFE
Thank you for the opportunity to address the Kerrville community about the recent announcement of San Antonio AirLIFE starting operations in Kerrville.

San Antonio AirLIFE is a not for profit air ambulance program that has been serving the Hill Country (Kerr, Gillespie and Kimble counties) since its inception in 1991. AirLIFE is equally funded by the Baptist and the University Health Systems, and is governed by a board of directors that is comprised of representatives for both of these organizations. AirLIFE will transfer patients as requested by both EMS and hospitals to comprehensive tertiary care facilities in San Antonio and Austin regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

One of the most frequently asked questions has been, "Since the hospital is contracted with AirLIFE now, will I be forced to fly on AirLIFE when I have a membership with another company?" No. The patient and or the patient’s agent (family, spouse, or power of attorney) always has the final decision on where a patient is to go and by what mode of transport. However, if a patient requests to go by ground ambulance or by a helicopter that is in Austin and one’s medical condition merits immediate transport, there will be a decision that has to be made by the patient (or their agent) EMS and the hospital to delay care or depart immediately.

"How can AirLIFE honor other agencies’ memberships?" Since we understand that Kerrville citizens have invested in a membership program, and there may be instances that a member may need transport by air ambulance and that resource is not readily available, AirLIFE will fly those patients and will bill the patient’s insurance. The patient, by law, is obligated to pay whatever deductable that their insurance carrier sets, however, any balance of charges that are billed to the patient will not be collected.  Since AirLIFE does not do its own billing, if we fly a member and that member receives a bill, they will have to contact the billing agency and provide proof of their membership to have these charges removed.

“Is AirLIFE going to sell memberships in Kerrville?” At this time, AirLIFE management does not plan to sell memberships; however, we will continue to evaluate the concept based on customer demand and industry trends. Membership plans are very restrictive in their coverage area. When one owns a membership or subscription plan, a person is bound by a geographical area to be covered by that plan. No other air medical program is obligated to honor it. If a person were to drive to the coast or Rio Grande Valley and necessitate helicopter transport to a hospital with a higher level of care, a Kerrville membership would be useless. This is the case as well if you travel to San Angelo, Big Bend, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, and the Panhandle.

"Is Peterson Memorial Medical Center paying or receiving payment from AirLIFE to provide their services?" No. There is no financial contract or obligation between the two agencies.

I hope that this answers some of the frequently asked questions that we have received since this announcement was made.

If you have any additional questions about San Antonio AirLIFE, please contact Steve Soliz, RN at 210-233-5807, or via email at steve.soliz@txairlife.com.

I thank you for your time.

Robert W. Hilliard, FACHE
President and CEO
San Antonio AirLIFE

Our Aircraft

AirLIFE Eurocopter AS350 image
Eurocopter AS350 (zoom)
San Antonio AirLIFE will initially begin operations flying in a brand-new Eurocopter AS350 (B2). The single engine AS350 is renowned for its high performance, its safety, and it has reduced operating costs. This is the same aircraft currently operated by Shannon AirMed1 in San Angelo.

In spring 2009, AirLIFE will replace the AS350 with a new Bell 407. Since its first flight in 1995, the Bell 407 has completed over 1.2 million flight hours and more than 600 are in operation in more than 40 countries worldwide. The aircraft has a range of 330 nautical miles. The Bell 407 is a highly-maneuverable, four-bladed, light helicopter with hot and high altitude capability. The helicopter can fly in arctic, desert, hot and high environments.

All of our aircraft are maintained and operated by Air Methods Corporation of Englewood, Colorado. Air Methods has been the sole vendor providing these very important services to San Antonio AirLIFE since our inception in 1990.

Our Staff

AirLIFE Staff photo
AirLIFE has always prided itself with the high-level of experience that our medical crews have. We average 17-years of healthcare experience by all of our Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics. We do fly with a nurse and paramedic on every mission, ensuring the highest level of care for every patient that we transport.

Currently, we are fortunate enough to have some staff members that were former employees of Critical Air Medicine, the original air ambulance service in Kerrville that began operations in 2000. This will provide a level of familiarity from our regional EMS and hospital partners with AirLIFE staff, based on their many years of servicing your communities.

AirLIFE’s Kerrville Medical Crew

Dan Oakes RN, LP, FP-C

Penny Trevino RN

Arian Killebrew RN, LP

Carol Leal RN, LP, CFRN

Ricky Pittman RN, LP

Calvin Plummer RN, LP, CFRN

Louis Corbeil EMT-P

Karan Phillip EMT-P

Jason Lackey EMT-P

Contacting AirLIFE

While we are excited for the opportunity to service the Hill Country, we always appreciate feedback from the community and our EMS and hospital partners. If you would like to offer a comment, please visit our Contact page and fill out the form. One of our administrators will address your inquiry and contact you as requested.

Air Methods Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

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